Build a Bulletproof Proposal for Tech Funding

Technology can radically change your organization for the better.

Investing in technology that will improve your internal processes probably hasn’t seemed like a top priority for your organization until now.

It might feel like there’s always something more important that your time, attention, and money could go towards, and tech investments can also be hard to justify. Your funders want to know where their money is going, and showing them how your new software system will improve your overall efficiency sometimes just isn’t as powerful to them as showing them the actual social benefit of their donation.

The reality is that backend technologies can radically change your organization for the better. They free up your time, resources, and funds so that you can redirect your attention back towards all of the projects and programs that your organization runs.

What’s inside:

  • Discover your project’s funding eligibility
  • Build a plan with funders in mind
  • Better map the technology-benefit connection
  • Effectively format the proposal